Wave Front Technique

What is Wave Front Technique?

WaveFront Technology is also called Customized treatment - eagle eye technique.
The purpose of the standard Lasik technique is to eliminate the diopter value.

However, the purpose is to enhance the quality and level of vision as well as to reduce the night vision problems. Particularly, more qualified and better vision is ensured that can not be provided with standard therapy for the patients with corneal irregularity who are not able to see well depending on amblyopia.

Wavefront technology has been used to take more clear pictures space with telescope in the area of astronomy for years.

The waves of light enter parallelly in our eyes, but as they go through pane, lens and cornea the light here returns back wavily resulting in deviations (aberrations).

Three dimensional image is transferred to the laser via a disk. The maps which are recorded with aberometry are personal and they are exactly footprints.
How is Wave Front Applied?

All layers of the eye are measured using a device called Wave Front Analyzer (Aberometry) and the deviations and irregularities here are mapped as per each eye. This map is then transferred to the laser device and special treatment is planned for each eye.

Since Wave Front maps are different for each individual footprints, the treatment is considered customized for the patients.